What’s in your Power Bill?

The cost of the energy that is delivered to your business and your home is made up of many parts.

In last 12 months, the wholesale cost of energy made up around 48% of your bill.
By 2019 this is likely to be less than 40%
In effect, 60% of your bills is NOT going to be determined by a competitive energy market!!
You could ask what is the point of switching suppliers?
From just the viewpoint of the contract price, not a lot
However, the contract has to be tendered regularly and you do not pick the supplier on just price.
Working with Systematic Energy to get the suppliers to quote your business will be provided with significant additional benefits

Systematic Energy Sets out to

Carry out the work of collating the offers. Best value for money quotations are listed.
Check the invoices for errors and getting them corrected

provide lower cost energy usage assessments.
Highlight the causes of the energy waste
With the causes of energy waste visible, action plans are started to stop the waste.

So with Systematic Energy on your side, your business will be fighting the future energy bills increases over the years.
The key to smaller energy bills is energy conservation.


By 2019 the energy part of the bill will be less than 40% of the bill.  Your energy costs will be increasing unless you cut back on waste.
The best way to cut your costs and increase your profits permanently is to use less – find where waste happens and preventing it.

All that’s needed from you is to complete a very short survey and we will do the rest.

More News About Utilities

Have you got time and money to burn while throwing your profits down the drain?

If you have, then you are doing very well with your enterprise. And doing well with Energy Conservation

If you are like many other business owners who are constantly looking for areas where they can cut costs, you need to read this. Some thoughts…

  • You can compare energy deals across the board – British Gas, EDF, EON, NPower, Scottish Power, SSE … but do you really have the time?
  • No doubt you have seen that SSE and Npower are talking of merging. So that’s not going to help keep the price of energy “competitive”.
  • In the past, you may have been offered a discount for paying by direct debit. You may have been invited to give up paper bills for a further discount. It seemed like a good idea at the time. So now you pay what the supplier tells you to pay and you have to have the added costs of broadband and email, as well as a printer, to find out how they have estimated your costs and so on and so on.

I trust you are not likely to pay the energy and water bills without checking them regularly – or do you?

You may be offered a good price, but it will not be lower than your current prices.

Talk to Systematic Energy

With Systematic Energy guiding you along the murky energy trail, you can leave the whole thing up to us.

As a tried and tested provider, constantly searching for the best energy prices to offer its customers, you can rest easy, knowing that whatever happens to global energy, we will source the best prices for you without your having to lift a finger, year in, year out.

Please see our reduced price energy assessment offer on the page “Your Energy”.

In most buildings, there are many places where energy waste lurks.

Systematic Energy specialises in finding the causes of wasted energy. We then move on to why, and how to get the solutions. Every client’s situation is different.

Our target at Systematic Energy is to provide you with the wins and to consistently increase your savings. These savings can be put to good use elsewhere in the enterprise.

So the message is: Waste Less, Use Less, Cost Less.
Your energy bills will never be the same again!

Please follow the link here and on the Energy page, so that we know you want to get us on your Energy Team.

money down the drain image
Catch your money before it disappears!


Why Not Get Help to Fight Energy Costs?

Do you outsource some of your business activities to specialists?

You will already be aware that many business activities are outsourced to specialists, either because of legal requirements or time constraints. For many of these requirements, you have little choice, for example Health and Safety assessments, setting up HR policies and workplace pensions, all of these need a degree of legal expertise to set up.

Then there are the things you could do yourself, like your bookkeeping and accounts, decorating your premises, installing new IT programmes to assist you in your business and so on, but you choose not to because of time restraints.
Yet trying to save energy and seeking out cheaper energy contracts are quite often do-it-yourself activities. But this is a false economy as there is a hidden cost in NOT seeking assistance: Your time would be better spent running your business.

Did you know that BOTH of these activities could have NO COST to outsource?

If you decide to work with Systematic Energy, we will ensure your business has obtained the best possible energy prices, not just for the next few months, but for years to come, with no further effort on your part.

And don’t overlook the fact that saving energy is another contribution to your profits.

This might be your best business decision yet – contact us for a free energy assessment.