Utility costs: are you taking action?

Without getting control of cash flow, your business will fail within two years.

It goes without saying that business owners are busy running their enterprises. However, did you realise that in many cases, the business is running them?  One of the main reasons is the lack of time to get everything running well and ensuring that utility costs are at the lower end of your outgoings. However, they are going to be more critical in the next few years Continue reading “Utility costs: are you taking action?”

Stop increasing energy costs: Use less energy

Energy costs are increasing. They are unlikely to drop anytime soon. Action Use Less Energy call Systematic Energy

If you are a smaller business, your tariff is going to be higher than the big boys who have more cash to splash – take a look at the graph below:  the blue line is the trend for smaller businesses who will definitely be seriously affected by the increasing costs. Continue reading “Stop increasing energy costs: Use less energy”

More news about energy bills

Have you got time and money to burn while throwing your profits down the drain?
If you have, then you are doing very well with your enterprise.
Are are you doing well with reducing energy bills?

If like many other business owners, you are constantly looking for areas where you can cut costs, you need to read this.
With minimal effort on your part, energy conservation is something that can be optimised so that you will see the effect on your bank balance within a month.  Continue reading “More news about energy bills”

Saving Energy Saving Money!!

money down the drain image
Stop Your Money Going Down The Drain

Could this be YOUR profit down the drain?
Some notes and advice on how to reduce the energy bills
Saving Energy  means Saving Money
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Looking for funding to invest in your business? Well it is all around you
The energy you use, the water you waste, the internet contract, the telephone calls

All of these are invisible. However, when you pay the bills, your money has gone down the drain.

However, running the enterprise does not leave you much time to deal with lots of small problems
One action you can take is to outsource the solutions

You are still in the driving seat, but with a specialist traveling with you, the hidden costs will soon be found.








Why not get help to fight increasing energy costs?

Do you outsource some of your business activities to specialists?

Why not outsource the task of looking for reduced energy costs? You will already be aware that many business activities are outsourced to specialists, either because of legal requirements or time constraints. For many of these requirements, you have little choice, for example Health and Safety assessments, setting up HR policies and workplace pensions, all of these need a degree of legal expertise to set up. So get help to fight energy costs Continue reading “Why not get help to fight increasing energy costs?”