Stop increasing energy costs: Use less energy

Energy costs are increasing. They are unlikely to drop anytime soon.
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If you are a smaller business, your tariff is going to be higher than the big boys who have more cash to splash – take a look at the graph below:  the blue line is the trend for smaller businesses who will definitely be seriously affected by the increasing costs.

Holding back on your contract renewal in 2018 in the hope that prices will be going down is just a daydream. Cutting energy usage will save you money forever. An easier way to make more money

At your next contract renewal, you really need to consider the benefit of a longer contract period.

To be able to minimise the impact on your profits, you have to take action. Just click here, fill in our simple energy assessment request and you will be moving forward.

Start the process to save energy waste NOW, and in addition, Systematic Energy will get you an updated contract price, 36 months ahead, starting when your existing contract ends.

Systematic Energy finds quick ways of saving money, by stopping energy waste within your business.

Waste Less, Use Less, Cost Less
A no-brainer simple way to increase your profits
Conserving Energy Conserves Money.   
Saving Energy is Saving the Future

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The data for the chart can be found on Government web pages [created by Fidelity Energy]