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Is your company based in Rayleigh, Basildon or Benfleet?
A wise choice, but wherever you are in Essex, if you’re worried that costs are outrunning your profits, don’t switch off, please read on and take action.

What’s happening to power prices for business users?

Simple answer: Rising every week!!

If you can get new energy contracts at prices lower than what you are currently paying, that can only be good news you might think.
However, it is likely you have been overpaying for at least the last 12 months.

How come? The energy market is very complicated and based on many variables, but some causes are becoming clearer.
I am sure you do want to be an expert in the energy market.
Just staying with your current supplier or switching suppliers will not avoid a price rise. The only way to reduce your energy bills (and as a result, increase your profits) is to use less energy. And that means getting further into energy conservation, preventing waste and controlling how energy is used.

So at the risk of repeating myself, the message is:

Waste less, use less, cost less – no brainer!

Would you like to know how to make your business grow, while putting money back in the bank at the same time? You could do the assessment yourself. However this will mean less time on other things.

I have the simple solution for you. Just lift a finger and click here!

More profit, cut your bills, helping your business to grow – why wouldn’t you take action right now? I maybe able to offer you a cost reduction for this work.

Why not Get Help to Fight Energy Costs?

Many business activities are outsourced to specialists either because of legal requirements or time constraints.
Examples are Accounts, Health and Safety assessments, Decorating, Setting Up HR policies, Workplace pensions etc.
Yet energy contracts and trying to save energy are quite often do it yourself activities.
There is  also a hidden cost in not seeking assistance. Your time could be better spent running your business.
Did you know that both of these activities could have no cost to outsource?
So please decide to work with Systematic Energy to ensure your business has obtained the best possible energy prices.
Saving energy is another contribution to your profits.
Further information here soon