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Energy Costs are rising.
Your next renewal costs will be higher.

Do you know how much you spend on energy?

If not, let’s get talking to go through an action plan to minimise your future costs.

When did you last see a reminder to sign a new contract? If it’s more than 12 months you are probably out of contract.
Your costs could be 40% higher than in contract. However, we have good news.

You do not need to wait to get new prices!

We can get you new fixed cost contracts up to to 2 years ahead. The new contract starts when the existing finishes.
Please note: The longer you wait before agreeing to a new contract, the higher your energy prices will be.

Systematic Energy works to get the best value for money energy services. We are independent of energy suppliers. We ensure that your next contract is selected to be the best available for your business requirements. Our work is free to you: we are paid by the suppliers who want your business.

After you sign the contract we do not disappear. We check your first sets of bills, to ensure the supplier is providing the correct cost build up. Continuing our service to minimise your costs. We offer a half price energy audit. This offer is time-limited.

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Systematic Energy will undertake an on-site review of your energy and water usage. We evaluate what, when, how and why you are using – and losing – energy. Our report will show the quick, small cost actions needed to start saving even more money. This in-depth assessment will save you much more than just taking the lowest price supplier offer.
There are many features in the causes of energy loss. However, the assessment will focus on finding the causes of wasted energy. We then move onto why and how to get the solutions.

Reduce your Energy Bills. Contact Systematic Energy as soon as you can.


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Stop sending money down the drain……..
Your energy bills will never be the same again. You may even be happier with your future energy costs.
However, you need to sign up for a supply contract recommended by Systematic Energy before 25th December.


If only all energy waste was so obvious.