Utility costs: are you taking action?

Without getting control of cash flow, your business is very likely t0 be running at a loss.

It goes without saying that business owners are busy running their enterprises. However, did you realise that in many cases, the business is running them?  One of the main reasons is the lack of time to get everything running well and ensuring that utility costs are at the lower end of your outgoings. However, they are going to be more critical in the next few years Continue reading “Utility costs: are you taking action?”

Stop increasing energy costs: Use less energy

Energy costs are increasing. They are unlikely to drop anytime soon.
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If you are a smaller business, your tariff is going to be higher than the big boys who have more cash to splash – take a look at the graph below:  the blue line is the trend for smaller businesses who will definitely be seriously affected by the increasing costs. Continue reading “Stop increasing energy costs: Use less energy”