What’s in your power bill?

The cost of the energy that is delivered to your business and your home is made up of many parts.
Surprisingly, energy will be just 40% of the power price by 2019


In effect, 60% of your bills is NOT going to be determined by a competitive energy market!! 

You could ask what is the point of switching suppliers?
From just the viewpoint of the contract price, not a lot.
However, the contract has to be tendered regularly and you do not pick the supplier just on price.

Working with Systematic Energy, your business will be provided with significant additional benefits.



Systematic Energy Sets out to:

  • Carry out the work of collating the offers.
  • List the best value for money quotations.
  • Check future invoices for errors and get them corrected.
  • Provide lower cost energy usage assessments.
  • Highlight the causes of the energy waste.
  • With the causes of energy waste visible, action plans are set up to stop the waste.

So with Systematic Energy on your side, your business will be fighting the future energy bills increases over the years.

The key to smaller energy bills is energy conservation.


Urgent Reminder

By 2019 the energy part of the bill will be less than 40% of the total.  Your energy costs will be increasing unless you cut back on waste.

The best way to cut your costs and increase your profits permanently is to use less – finding where and why waste happens and preventing it.

All that’s needed from you is to complete a very short survey and we will do the rest.