Energy Bills will they be lower?

Cut energy costs by taking action.
All buildings and all users waste energy and waste money

NB, Non energy costs [use of systems costs] will soon be over 65% of the cost of your energy. So just switching supplier will not bring about a reduction in costs. See below.

Like many business owners, you are constantly looking for areas where you can cut costs, However, finding the extra time can be difficult? You need to read this.

With minimal effort on your part, energy conservation is something that can be optimised so that you will see the effect on your bank balance within a few months. SOME THOUGHTS…

• You can compare energy deals across the board – British Gas, EDF, EON, NPower, Scottish Power, SSE …[and there are 20+] but do you really have the time ?

• Do not believe the message “reduce your energy bills by switching suppliers”. It’s not true!!

• A competitive market with more add on costs than you can imagine!
Very soon your bills will include NON energy costs of more than 60%. Add VAT at 20% and climate change levy that has doubled in the last 3 years. Not a pretty picture is it?

• In the past, you may have been offered a discount for paying by direct debit. You may have been invited to give up paper bills for a further discount.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

So now you pay what the supplier tells you to pay and you have the added costs of broadband and email, as well as a printer to find out how and why they have estimated your costs and so on and so on.

I trust you are not likely to pay the energy and water bills without checking them regularly – or do you?

You may be offered a good unit price, but your total costs will not be lower than your current bills.

Talk to Systematic Energy

With Systematic Energy guiding you along the murky energy trail, you can leave the whole thing up to us.

As a tried and tested provider, constantly searching for the best energy prices to offer its customers, you can rest easy, knowing that whatever happens to global energy, your prices will be under your control.

We source the best prices for you without your having to lift a finger, year in, year out. And this is a free service. We get paid by the supplier, not by you.

Please read about our energy assessment and fill in the form. This will be the start to reduce energy bills forever!!
The message is simple, waste LESS, use LESS, cost LESS!!

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